Tolerance and balance

I’m not a watcher of morning tv, but in researching something else I discovered some clips of Katie Hopkins being interviewed. Now, I know they just pull her into these discussions because she plays the controversial card, but the video below has made my blood boil for a number of reasons.

It’s a shame that Rachel started off on the back foot – she could have been much more positive about being a plus-sized woman, I know I’d have responded quite differently on a few questions. However, towards the end she started to hold her own.

As a plus-size woman: I have never struggled to find a partner, and never felt pressured to change my size to please that other person; my hatred of going to a gym  is not based on laziness and is not an excuse not to exercise, it’s the misguided and judgemental looks and opinions I receive from others that put me off that form of exercise; I’m not in denial – I know exactly what I weigh and what dress size I am, and I’m sure that’s the same for women in general, and I don’t use it as an excuse to eat what I want and not be in control.

The show also did nothing to support the argument – some images of a variety of shapes and sizes of beautiful people would have been helpful.

Can we please have some balanced media coverage on this? Our social norms are skewed so much by advertising, talk shows and misjudged remarks, it’s no surprise that probably 99% of women out there want to lose (or gain) a few lbs.

Have you read/watched some balanced, sensible coverage of weight -v- happiness issues? Please do share…