Who’s to judge?

So, walking to my office this morning, I followed a gentleman who had chosen to style his hair in a ‘combover‘ – now, my first reaction was to snort and giggle a little… but who am I to judge? This morning, I’m dressed all in black (boring trousers, v-neck t-shirt and flat boots) because I feel as fat as a barrel and I’m hoping that I will fade into the background of the office. So – not my most stylish. But I’ve never asked a man why he chooses to style his hair that way – maybe it provides warmth? Or maybe he just can’t be bothered…

I still think it’s a bad choice. But I’m not going to ask anyone why.

In the meantime – I MUST try harder!


The Pin Lady

So, in my quest to find something to alleviate the symptoms of my non-functioning thyroid, I found many pages on the web suggesting that the World Health Organization recommended acupuncture as a ‘treatment’.

After a recommendation from a good friend, I’ve been visiting a “pin lady”, as we affectionately call her. About 12 sessions in all – it’s very relaxing and I do come away (temporarily) de-stressed – but no other benefits that I can find. It’s a real shame, I was hoping for a pin to hit something and fire up my thyroid… but no. Ho hum, I’ll look at another form of “treatment” in the new year…