Things that make me go hmmm. 

Every now and again, a track hits the charts that makes me just..pause. Think Meghan Trainor All about the bass or Mika’s Big girls. 

I love All about the bass, and am often caught singing out loud when it’s playing on my iPhone at work – but it makes me wince ever so slightly. It’s a light-touch anthem to be happy with what you are. Right. But it feels ever so slightly awkward for me to sing it. Hence you won’t fine me singing out loud to my favourite Queen song: Fat bottomed girls. It’s a bloody killer track – but it feels very wrong for a fat bottomed girl to be singing it. I know we make the rockin’ world go r-o-u-n-d but should I be singing it out loud? 

AC/DC’s Whole Lotta Rosie is another one. It’s an epic track… 

“Ain’t no fairy story

Ain’t no skin and bones

But you give it all you got

Weighin’ in at nineteen stone”

Maybe it’s the weight reference, I have been 19 stone, so it feels a bit personal but it just feels like people would snigger at me enjoying the song. 

Or – am I just reading into all this too much? Do people even notice (care) about song lyrics? Should I just let go of my paranoia and enjoy the music? 

It shouldn’t matter… but it does

After a number of texts with my Mum today, we’ve committed ourselves to going back to WeightWatchers. Ho hum… I will always be a ‘curvy kate’, but I don’t want to be this curvy anymore. Very soon it will start to properly affect my health: in fact it already does affect my Mum – so the aim is to get down to a comfortable size. I’ll never be a size 10 again, but I can live with that!

Don’t worry – this isn’t going to turn into another blog of dieting woe – there’s already plenty of those around. But it will come up.

I just want to feel more confident, more me, knowing (for example) that I can fasten my belt in a plane seat without having to breathe in for the entire flight…