58 days

All too quickly, my *Dad has been taken away from me. In just two short months he was diagnosed and overrun with pancreatic cancer.
I’m sad.
For my Mum: a widow at 54, planning on an early retirement to share a good many years with him; those missed opportunities, experiences and adventures – I’m devastated for her loss.
For my husband: who didn’t get to know my Dad that well and has therefore missed out on the enrichment that he would have experienced just by spending time with him.
For his family: his parents are heartbroken, his sister hollow with loss.
For his students, past and present: we’ve received so many tributes and stories of how he inspired so many people; he showed compassion, humanity and belief in all.
For Dad: cheated out of so much life, when he had so much more to give and do.
And for me. For all of these reasons, and more.

And, despite all the pain and injustice, he was so dignified and accepting of his condition. I will always be in awe of him.

*(step, but that’s a technicality)


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