We all know what we’re supposed to do…

…but doing it can be oh so difficult!

So – I’ve lost 13lb in four weeks. Which is flippin’ amazing, frankly. I eat at the wrong times of the day, irregularly, and much prefer being naughty… being “nice” (for the benefit of my diet) is so boring!

Which leads me onto…

Apparently there are some foods that you should avoid when you have a thyroid problem. This isn’t info from my doctor (who doesn’t seem to do anything bar take a blood test and repeat my prescription), but if you google ‘hypothyroid foods to avoid’ you will find A LOT of responses. For example, the University of Maryland Medical Center is a top result of a search, and recommendations include:

  • Avoid foods that interfere with thyroid function, including broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, spinach, turnips, soybeans, peanuts, linseed, pine nuts, millet, cassava, and mustard greens.
  • If you take thyroid hormone medication, talk to your doctor before eating soy products. There is some evidence soy may interfere with absorption of thyroid hormone.

I’ve seen recommendations to avoid kale, gluten and others, and that if you cook the vegetables then it’s ok/ok in moderation/ok 3 times a week…

Now we all know that you can find pretty much anything on the web, and as many “sources” to “prove” or “disprove” a theory… my question is, are there any hypothyroid sufferers out there who have made dietary changes (other than just ‘being good’) that have made a real difference – either in their ability to control/lose weight and/or improve their thyroid function?

(It’s probably a bit premature to be asking questions on my blog… but just in case anyone is reading this… 🙂 )